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Seminar Information & Planning Guide

The following custom building seminars are popular and entertaining for audiences large and small. Over the years they have evolved to stay relevant and current and are crowd favorites for being fun and very informative leaving the audience wanting to learn more.

Clients From Hell*
Taking the “Cuss” Out of Customer Service*
Seven Dirty Words*
Profit Is Not A Four Letter Word
The Sticks & Bricks of Marketing
The Sticks & Bricks of Sales
Contracts & Change Orders
Diving Into Diversification
Stupid Is Forever, Ignorance Can Be Fixed*
New Opportunities – New Markets*
So, You Want To Be A Builder?
Give Me Land!
Working With Builders For Fun & Profit*
Get A Life*
Building the Home of Your Dreams – Custom Building Seminar for Consumers

  • All Seminars can be delivered in a 1 ½ to 2 hour time frame
  • All Seminars can be expanded into a 3 hour workshop
  • * Denotes Seminar can be shortened to a 20 minute Keynote
  • Projector, screen, microphone required for all Seminars